Harvest Garden Guidelines

  1. Plot boundaries are marked with corner stakes. The stakes should not be moved.

  2. Fencing should not exceed 3 feet in height.

  3. Hand watering only. Hoses are provided.

  4. Ensure all plants are contained within the plot boundaries.

  5. Keep paths clear for mowing.

  6. Do not dig trenches in the path around the plots

  7. Certified organic fertilizers may be used if applied in a way that does not affect other plots.

  8. Weeds, pests and diseases should be controlled with organic methods.

  9. Place plant waste in wire mesh compost bins.

  10. Place non-plant waste in black trash containers.

  11. Place rocks at the base of posts with faucets.

  12. Pets should be leashed and kept outside the garden areas.

  13. Remove pet waste from the ground and place in trash containers.

  14. Children are welcome, and should be actively supervised at all times.

  15. Do not park on the street. Parking is available near the corner of Hazelwood St. and County Rd C.

  16. Vehicle access is available around the perimeter of the garden area.

  17. A portable restroom is located near the shed.

  18. At the end of the season, remove all fencing, sticks and string. Plants should be left in the garden.

  19. If you are unable to complete the season, please let us know.

  20. If it appears your plot has been abandoned, we will try to contact you. If there is no response, we may harvest or reassign the plot.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you.